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DANISH PUNK  from 1977-1982

This is a blog about the earliest Danish punk scene from 1977 to 1982 with its main focus on the scene in Copenhagen.

Punk from Denmark from the earliest participants such as The Sods (later Sort Sol), No Knox, The Brats, Elektrochok, The Bollocks, ADS, UCR, Before, Martin Hall's Ballet Mécanique, Gate Crashers, City-X, Tee Vee Pop, Monomania and lots of other great Danish punk bands as well as post-punk and gothic rock/goth bands from Denmark.

Danish punk festivals such as the LP documented "Concert Of The Moment" and "Nosferatu Festival" are described and an important Danish punk label such as Irmgardz... has its own page. There's also a link to a great Danish punk rock documentary about the earliest development of the punk scene in Denmark.

The blog is in Danish - but there are loads of unique punk photos, music and video clips if you look through the pages.

Go to the beginning of the blog: http://danskpunk.blogspot.com

Denmark's first punkband Sods. Their "Minutes To Go" debut album.

Danish gothic punks ADS

Promo-video for Sods' debut single "Television Sect", 1979

Bollocks "The Golden Years" live track from a movie, 1979

City-X "Langtidsledig" live track, ultimo 1982

ADS "Waiting for the war" live track, ultimo 1982

Go to the beginning of the blog: http://danskpunk.blogspot.com

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